Pour yourself a glass of Sailor Jerry’s or pop open a bottle of PBR and throw some Johnny Burnett Trio on the turntable. I’m about to open a tin and catch that beautiful vanilla aroma of


Let’s get it out of the way - Murray’s Superior is one thick motherfucking product. But don’t let that discourage you. The reason it’s been steaming ahead for eighty-eight years, is this product has got the chops to hold anyone’s hair. I walked to work in a Nor’easter here in the streets of Boston and my hair didn’t move a millimeter. It almost makes a pocket comb irrelevant.

Common worries about this particular product is that doesn’t wash out, that you’ll get grease on everything, and that it pulls your hair out. For starters, a little goes a long way. Don’t cake it on and your comb won’t strain to part your hair. I’ve had the same can for roughly six months and I’ve only used half of it. Heat it up by rubbing it between your hands and evenly coat your hair. And none of this product has left a residue on my pillows or my clothes.

Murray’s Superior was designed to stay in and does not wash out with standard shampoo. But that is not necessarily a negative. Murray’s holds for days. Obviously you’re going to wash every few days, but maintaining your hair with this product does not require you to apply every day. And for only about two to three dollars a can, I’d say that beats most products on the market. Over time, you will need to clean your hair. No one likes smelly hair. Even if Murray’s Superior smells so God damn great. A trick on the Murray’s web site is to use dish soap to break the oil in the product. I used just a dab in my palm to lather up my hair and then rinse, then washed with shampoo. That did the trick.

I have very thin, straight hair with no body to it, and I couldn’t be happier using Murray’s. But I’m also doomed to loose my hair later in life. My recent visit to a barber, I was told that Murray’s will in deed lock in oils and testosterone that need to be released for the health of my hair. So, I’m better off with a different product. But if you need the hold and have the hair to spare, Murray’s Superior is tough and tough to beat.

For more Murray’s info visit murrayspomade.com

Next up I’ll be using and reviewing Royal Crown’s Pomade and Hair Dressing.

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