Hollywood rallies to save celluloid

The brilliant posters of Jacques Tati’s films.

The brilliant posters of Jacques Tati’s films.

A last minute Kubrick celebration.

He would have been 86 today and by this time he maybe could have made one or two more films had he lived to see 2014. Maybe. I often wonder how Kubrick would have viewed the 21st century with the exponential technology growth and America’s diminishing role in the world. Sadly, we’ll never know. But looking at the 12 films he left the world (minus that one he shunned), it’s obvious America may never have another genuinely master artist of cinema like Kubrick. He left us with a body of work that objectively portrayed mankind through film noir, comedy, science fiction, romance, war, horror, and the thriller that are so striking and singular, that not a single American filmmaker has come close to taking us beyond this man’s cinema.

Incredible use of silence and movement to achieve effect.

The Mummy (1932), dir. Karl Freund


Because Battleship was so good.

Throw on some Xavier Cugar on the turntable and get lost in one of Wong Kar Wai’s infinitely cool cinematic treasures today and celebrate the man’s birthday!

'Guy Town by Gaslight'

Here’s some lurid Austin history that seems like a quiet a read.

Barbara Stanwyck (1907-1990)

Watch a Barbara Stanwyck film today, You’ll be better for it.

This week I saw the last of Samuel Fuller’s films I had yet to see, White Dog. It’s a film so startling, it’s ingrained in me forever.